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The greatest way to show support for the Regal, apart from coming to see the shows and having some fun, is to become a FRIEND OF THE REGAL. The Regal values highly the support and encouragement it receives from the Friends and in return offers them many concessions and benefits. The annual subscription entitles you to receive regular newsletters about activities, discounts on most tickets when booking in advance (usually 50p) and the satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting the local community theatre! (Please note that membership of the Friends of the Regal is separate from Film Society Membership)

To become a friend, call at the box office and pick up an application form. Alternatively, you can donate via – donations always gratefully received!

If you would like to get more involved in the everyday running of the theatre, please contact us, as new volunteers are always welcome!


The Regal Theatre is a hugely successful community project. Over 200 volunteers contribute to maintaining the building and to opening the theatre for events, and refreshments in the bar, on over 120 nights a year.

Whatever your interest and skills, if you have time and energy you would like to contribute, we would welcome you enthusiastically. There are hosts of areas which need volunteers to keep them going.

  • Performing: Please see our list of Member Companies for contact details
  • Back Stage: Stage management, make-up, costumes, props – contact the companies and offer your help; you will be snapped up!
  • Sets: Join a regular team which designs, builds, paints
  • Front of House: Programmes and tickets on the night of performances
  • Publicity: Hand delivering brochures, stuffing envelopes, sending information to the media, gather advertising/sponsorship for our brochure, keeping the editorial up to date on our website
  • Box Office: Volunteering morning or afternoon sessions to work in the box office
  • Technical: Working to set up sound and lights for performances and managing the desk during performances – training given
  • Bar: Serving refreshments behind the bar on performance days
  • Performance Days: Help visiting professional companies with their get-ins, give them information; help carry in/set up

The Regal Theatre, The Avenue, Minehead, Somerset, TA24 5UQ
Phone the theatre Box Office 01643 706430 (Monday to Saturday 10am to 3pm)
Or email us.

AGM OF THE MATA Regal Theatre Co Ltd

Held on Tuesday 18 July 2017 in the Regal Bar

Apologies: Richard Seale, Liz Sizer, Georgina Charnock, James Scott

Present Board: Elaine Ross (Chair/PR), Ray Tew (Vice Chair) Lewis Lintern (Artistic Director), Jean Armin (Treasurer), Heather Bryant (Friends), Colin Isherwood (FOH), Andy Kingston-James (WSC), Ian Melhuish (General), Fred Owen (Waterfront), Doug Ross (Barnstormers), Sue Swann  (Box Office), Victoria Thomas (Film Society), Peter Thompson (Panto People), Jim Woodley (Tech), Mervyn Yeandole (Co Secretary)

Committee: Derek Webb (Website), Val Ayres (Minutes)

Also present: Monica Hartwell, Chris Rendell

  1. Minutes of Meeting from 11th June 2017 were accepted as a true and accurate record.  Proposed by JW and seconded by DR, all agreed.
  2. Matters Arising (not on the Agenda)

5.3 Heating Renewal – RS has received a couple of very high quotes, so is continuing to investigate other sources.

7.1. Lone Working – equipment has arrived but the walls are too thick for it to work well.  RS is looking at additional aerials.

  1. Minutes of the AGM Sunday 17 July 2016

The 2016 AGM Minutes had been provisionally accepted at the August 2016 MATA Meeting.  Formal acceptance was proposed by LL, seconded by IM and agreed unanimously.

  1. Annual Report and Finance 2016 (period covered 1.1.16 – 31.12.16)

4.1 – JA had already presented the Report and Accounts at the July MATA meeting and digital copies were circulated prior to the AGM.  The Report now includes the Chair’s Annual Report on 2016 Achievements and Performance and needed ratifying.  ER will provide paper copies to MY, LL and JA.   It was noted that VT’s name was not included on the list of Directors; she agreed to be included on the list of nominees standing again this year and Amherst and Shapland will be notified.  LL proposed the acceptance of the complete report, seconded by RT and agreed unanimously.

Action: ER

JA reported she had received a reply from the Ombudsman re her complaint about Nat West.  He upheld her complaint and awarded £75 compensation.

4.2 – Show Report – in progress. FO mentioned that the Bowie show was excellent but LL reported that this and Neil Sedaka had made a loss.  However, the other shows did well and brought in more than enough to cover these losses.

  1. Appointment of Officers

The following agreed to stand again this year. All nominees were proposed by LL, seconded by FO and were carried unanimously:-

Position / Nominee

Chair: Elaine Ross

Vice Chair: Ray Tew

*Vice Chair: Colin Isherwood

*(this is an additional vice chair position, proposed by LL, seconded by PT and carried unanimously)

Company Secretary: Mervyn Yendole

Minutes Secretary: Val Ayres (not a director)

Treasurer: Jean Armin

Auditiors/Accountants: Amhurst & Shapland


MATA Company & WSC Delegates

Barnstormers: Doug Ross

Film Society: Victoria Thomas

Waterfront: Fred Owen

Panto People: Peter Thompson

Minehead Youth Theatre: N/A

West Somerset Council: Andy Kingston-James

Artistic Director: Lewis Lintern

Publicity Officer: Elaine Ross (pro tem)

Buildings Officer: James Scott

Box Office Manager/Theatre

Manager Co-ordinator: Sue Swann

FOH Manager: Colin Isherwood

Chief Lighting Technician: Jim Woodley

General Director: Georgina Charnock

General Director: Ian Melhuish


Jill Thompson decided to step down as a Director this year but would like to recommence sometime in the future.

ELECTION TO THE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE  (Officers with specific roles )

The following agreed to stand again this year, along with some additional nominees, all were proposed by FO seconded by DR and agreed unanimously:

Minehead Dramatic Society: Rosie Paterson

Friends of the Regal: Heather Bryant

Bar Rep: Liz Sizer

Training Officer: Vacant

Health & Safety: Richard Seale

Technical Adviser: Richard Seale

Regal Websites: Derek Webb

Head of Sound: Chaz Hardiman  (non attending)

First Aid and Risk Assessment: Chris Rendell

General Committee Member: Monica Hartwell  (proposed LL, seconded VT, agreed unanimously)


  1. Representative on the West Somerset Voluntary Forum

LL and ER have agreed to continue as representatives, when their time and commitments allow.

  1. Front of House

CI reported a FOH incident and asked if there is, or could be, a Code of Conduct and/or procedures to deal with these types of situations.  After hearing the details, it was agreed that all concerned handled the incident very well.  CI has documented all the facts and taken appropriate follow up action.  CI proposed writing to the person concerned to confirm they would no longer be required for FOH duties; JA seconded the proposal and It was agreed CI would send a letter, and relay the outcome to the other parties involved.   (He has done this and they are happy with the way we have dealt with the situation)                                                                    Action: CI

  1. Progress with Roof and Cinema Screen

Roof – RT reported the roofing work went to plan.  The minimum order for the sheets was 13 running metres (10 sheets), eleven were delivered and nine were used.  The work was done in three days and time was also spent cleaning off the moss and clearing the gutters.  Heavy rain tested it last week – only two minor damp patches were reported and there was no water in the buckets.  The sheets should last 30 years.  RT said Paul Birkett has been helpful by leaving up the scaffolding which allowed additional work to be completed.

Cinema Screen – VT reported co-ordinating the roof strengthening with Brian Jones, CI and LL met with the steel people and the clearing and the work was done on time.  The screen is scheduled for delivery at the end of September/early October – date to be confirmed.

  1. Local Giving

ER reported that £314.18 was raised on 22 June.

  1. Summer Show 2018

There needs to be a framework in place, which outlines how the Board can be called on to assist with the Summer Show.  CR will draft a document for the next meeting.

Action: CR


Items for the 13th August agenda – Conflict of Interest.

Aspidistra meeting – next meeting will be on 7th August at 6 pm.

Director’s Board Meeting

FO proposed and CI seconded that the Board ratify all Committee decisions.  Passed unanimously.

Date of Next Meeting: Sunday 13 August at 7.00 pm in the Regal Bar

Future Meeting Dates: 10 September, 15 October, 19 November, 10 December