cwmploddy – comedy drama

Tickets £12.00

Friends £11.50

Students and ES40’s £10.00Cwmploddy

CWMPLODDY Is Original Comedy Drama about the Residents of Cwmploddy Village. We  guarantee you side-splitting laughter from from start to finish  It’s a mix of Mrs Browns Boys, Gavin and Stacey,, meets Hyacinth Bucket all rolled into one. Miss it and you’ll miss one of the best nights out you will ever have!!! in theatre history.

Cwmploddy is a small village in the heart of the South Wales Valleys with a small population. Doris Jones lives with her daughter Bonnie Jones who wants to be known as Bonifa  Lauguifa Shaniqua Jones as she wants to be a famous. She drives her mother up the wall wanting the latest trends and magazines. One day her dream comes true and she has to leave Cwmploddy village to peruse her dream. When it comes to leaving Cwmploddy can she go through with it as she will be leaving her Mother and Best Friend behind.

Beryl is Doris’s neighbour who prides herself knowing everyone’s  business within the village, Acting upper class and has no time for what she calls the ‘lower class’ apart from Doris as she likes to interfere with Doris and Bonifa’s life’s Whenever anyone calls at Doris’s house, Beryl is in her window spying to see who it is. When the post arrives, Beryl calls round to Doris’s just to see who she has received mail from. Beryl Lives with her son Les who is an Elvis impersonator at Cwmploddy Social Club.  


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