Monday, 20th June 2022 - 9:00am - 8:00pm

Crimestoppers young people’s special event.  Please note this event is pre-booked and NOT open to the public.

Charity ‘Crimestoppers’  brings a performance to The Regal Theatre like no other by West Somerset’s young people sharing their learning from the 2022 ‘What Would You Do?’ (WWYD) programme.

Thanks to sponsorship from Hinkley Point Construction and Somerset County Council and fundraising by Crimestoppers charity volunteers, the WWYD? programme has over the last few months been empowering young people at Danesfield Church of England School, Williton, to cope with some of the challenges that they face today in their community. The children have been creatively exploring how to speak out and stay safe when it comes to crime through weekly sessions with the talented drama company ‘Unique Voice’.

Community leaders, family, friends and neighbours of the children involved  will be attending this private event to watch the showcase of this programme by the talented and creative minds of West Somerset’s young people aged 9-11 for a very special finale night of learning, celebration and a clear message that Crimestoppers can help our county become a safer place by speaking up, stopping crime and staying safe whilst remaining 100% anonymous.  Always.


Please follow this link for more information www.wwyd-wccs.co.uk

01643 706430 | [email protected]