Thursday, 21st May 2020 - Saturday, 23rd May 2020 - 7:30pm

TICKETS: Adults £8.00, Friends of the Regal £7.50, Students/ES40s £4.50

A Waterfront Production by Fred Owen

Arlecchino:   “You want to know what we are doing here in Dead Horse Gulch, Arizona. Well… it all started when Master Misery-Guts, Pantalone bought a gold mine. That’s right, I said a gold mine. The old duffer goes for a stroll in Piazza San Marco one morning and get duped by a couple of Indians selling timeshare. Well he wasn’t falling for that… until they mentioned GOLD. And that’s when he fell for it. Hook, line and stinker. He can’t resist it; the lure of easy money. Only it’s never easy and there’s never any money coming in, only lots of money going out. Anyway… the looks on our faces told him we thought he was an idiot. It’s a look he’s used to, but this time he started to panic and so contacted his Mister Fixit International; One Andrea Spavento, the laziest, most devious pirate who ever sailed the seven seas. Useless on the ocean and even worse on dry land. And the land doesn’t get dryer than Dead Horse Gulch, Arizona.

The reason we are here is that Pantalone got his pantaloons in a twist when he realized involving Spavento was a big mistake and so we have travelled halfway ‘round the world to sort it out. Unfortunately Pantalone is unable to sort his sock draw out let alone the intricacies of gold mining, so God help us!”

Another evening of Comedia del Arte style craziness from The Waterfront, with Fun, Laughter and lots of Silly Songs.

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