Wednesday, 2nd May, 2018 - 7:30 pm

TICKETS: Adults £12.00, Friends of the Regal £11.50, Students/ES40’s £6.00

Baroque Theatre Company Presents:


by Miles Tredinnick

Presented with echoes of ‘Pulp Fiction’, “Twist” is edgy, slick, stylish and cool. Tarantino meets British farce in the rip-roaring comedy thriller that will have you guessing until the shocking end! David Woods is a mild-mannered accountant who sees a sensational way of making a fortune by writing a kiss-and-tell biography about his bitchy wife Sarah, the nation’s favourite actress from the hit soap Doctors and Nurses. He then realises that his book will do even better if she is murdered first! Unfortunately a few obstacles get in his way…

Miles Tredinnick has written stage and TV material for Frankie Howerd and was also a writer for “Birds of a Feather”; his stage plays have been performed worldwide.