Saturday, 23rd January 2021 - 5:00pm - 5:30pm

NB: This is an online event – NOT at the Regal

Tickets £10 per family / house – Perfect for all ages (Tickets not available online from Regal – Booking details shown BELOW)

Online session of festive storytelling

Join Alexandra Simson, with your family/household, on a journey through sound into the realm of legend and story.  Gather round a candle or fire with a hot cuppa in the comfort of your own hearth and relax as you give your eyes a rest from endless screens.  Discover the magic of January, the natural cycle of the seasons and how one young girl’s love and determination helps to overcome cruelty and loss.

Suitable for all ages, invite your children and elders to join you.  Together, experience magic woven with words this festive season, and allow your imagination to take you to a world where everything is possible as you listen to this ancient European fairytale.

No Zoom.  No download.  Simply book your place at: and then receive a confirmation email with your joining instructions and tips for the most satisfying sound experience.

To learn more about Story-Well and the magic of storytelling click here.

“Alexandra captivates an audience of young, old and in between … by creating an irresistible atmosphere of wonder and mystery with her voice and presence.”   HC

To learn more about Story-Well and the magic of storytelling as well as more stories please visit:

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