The Musicians of Bremen

Friday, 29th May 2015 - 2:00pm

TICKETS: All at £4.00 or 4 for £12.00.

Sea Legs Puppet Theatre’s adaptation of

By The Brothers Grimm

What happens to old toys when nobody loves them any more? There is a place where they are sorted into those who will find new homes, and those who will never be loved or played with again.
A worn out toy donkey, a pull along dog, a one eyed cat and a mechanical cockerel find themselves in just such a place. Rather than waiting to find out their fate, they escape and run away to Bremen Town to try their luck as musicians. So begins the greatest adventure of their lives in this classic fairy tale of friendship and courage.
Toy Story meets the Brothers Grimm in this enchanting new production for children and their adults. Told with fabulous puppets, an innovative stage set and a brilliant musical soundtrack!
Recommended ages – families / children age 3+
Running time – 45 minutes + 15 minutes “Meet the Puppets”