House of Ghosts

Wednesday, 6th May 2015 - 7:30pm

Tickets: £12.00 / Friends £11.00 / Students and ES40s £6.00

Baroque Theatre Company


(an Inspector Morse thriller)
By Alma Cullen
Colin Dexter’s eponymous sleuth, Inspector Morse, returns to the stage in this original play written by Alma Cullen, author of several episodes of the original TV series. This intriguing incarnation of the unassuming, stoically-reserved, often grumpy Inspector opens with a performance from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. A young professional actress playing Ophelia dies suddenly mid-performance and Inspector Morse is immediately on the scene, having been in the audience. The stage is cordoned off and becomes a fully-fledged murder scene. The plot delves deep into Morse’s student life in Oxford, re-uniting him with ghosts from his past and giving the audience an insight into the events which shaped the inspector’s later life.
Visually stunning, with a clever use of the stage to create a myriad of locations and a larger number of characters, this thrilling and intelligent mystery leaves the audience constantly guessing in this “stage-within-a-stage” whodunit.

A real treat for all Morse fans.