Thursday, 17th August 2017 - 2:30pm

TICKETS: All at £5.00, Family of 4 £18.00

Note start time.

When the king asks for a higgledy piggledy pie for his supper the royal chefs are thrown into a spin, especially when they find the cupboard is bare!
The chefs are helped by their vegetapals to collect the special nursery rhyme ingredients, but will it be ready before the dish runs away with the spoon? Popular rhymes are brought to life using fruit, veg, and a variety of kitchen objects. The royal chefs show that playing with your food is not always a bad idea.
Presented by international award-winning company Noisy Oyster, the show features puppets made from vegetables, original music, clowning, and a rather large pie!
A 45 min show suitable for families, and children aged 3+.

SPECIAL NOTICE. Sarah from Noisy Oyster has broken her wrist.  They are therefore unable to perform the advertised show.  Instead they are presenting Plain Bob, and as it is shorter than Higglety Pigglety Pie they are adding a short piece with marionettes.