False Profits

Thursday, 21st May 2015 - Saturday, 23rd May 2015 - 7:30pm

TICKETS: Adults £8.00, Friends of the Regal £7.50, Students & ES40’s £4.50
Waterfront Theatre Company presents:

By Fred Owen

Evan Park and Billy J. Ryder are rival evangelist preachers scrambling to claim the top spot on JCTV in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Much to their horror they find themselves sheltering from a hurricane and stuck in the same motel en route to the JCTV’s Got Talent competition in which they are both appearing as judges.
Also stuck in The Sunrise Motel is Merry-Lee; Park’s alcoholic wife, Craig Salt a shabby journalist who is intent on dishing the dirt on both Evan and Billy J. plus their respective PA’s Stanley and Carpenter. Also adding to the madness is Stoyan; the East European handyman who is desperate to earn $200 for a plane ticket to get his wife Klinka from New York to Louisiana, and then there’s the vampish Delilah; a country girl with her sights firmly set on the big city.
The second act takes us into the surreal world of the JCTV Studios and its bizarre talent contest where Evan and Billy J. are both appalled to find themselves saddled with an extra judge in the form of Tanya Turlington and her gospel spouting puppet, Gus the Beaver. Of course chaos reigns supreme, revelations true and false are made and the overinflated
balloon of hypocrisy is firmly if not finally popped.