Bango John’s Do Dah Band & Regal Rhythm ‘Putting on the Style’

Friday, 17th October 2014 - 7:30pm

14.10.17 Bango John

The Exmoor Do Dah! is a four piece “skiffle” band with guitars, banjo, washboard and tea chest bass. They enjoy playing anything, as long as it’s fast and furious! … skiffle, blues, Johnny Cash, ragtime, Rock ‘n Roll, Irish etc. . Audience participation is compulsory; the more you sing, the better they sound! CD “Corrugated Iron” is on sale (£5) on the night.

John Do Dah! Guitar, Banjo, Kazoo, Sawmill Vocals. Carlos Fandango Do Dah! Much nicer Guitar, much nicer Vocals. Sarah Do Dah! Washboard, Percussion, Guitar, really much nicer Vocals. (Denzil) Julian “The Hand” Do Dah! Electronic Tea Chest Bass, various shouting.
Regal Rhythm is an 8-piece band that plays a variety of popular music spanning five decades from the Twenties to the Sixties and beyond. Genres include rock, jazz, standards, film music and 60s pop. If they like it, they’ll have a go at it!

Adam J Fry: Musical Director, Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone; Mike Currie: Violin; Ronnie Bourouba: Flute; Lorna Grove Smith: Tenor Banjo; Terry Chivers: Rhythm Guitar, Vocals; Dagmar Klatte: Percussion, Vocals; Martin Cox: Bass Guitar, Vocals; Tony White: Drums