Thursday, 18th June 2020 - Saturday, 20th June 2020 - 7:30pm

TICKETS: Adults £8.00, Friends of the Regal £7.50, Students/ES40s £4.00

The Minehead Dramatic Society, now joined permanently by the Hole in the Wall Singers, return to the Regal with a comedy by Derek Webb (NOT the Minehead one).

Agatha Crusty is a crime novelist who is also pretty adept at solving crimes. Invited by her sister-in–law to spend a few days with her in the quiet village of Chortelby, it’s not long before she gets herself caught up in a series of murders which seem to be directed at members of the All Saints Village Hall Committee.  With plenty of suspects to choose from there are plenty of laughs as the murders begin to pile up and the incompetent D.I. Twigg struggles to unpick the mystery.

Full of wit and fun, this ingenious plot will not fail to keep people entertained as they try to work out for themselves ‘who dunnit’.

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