Thursday, 2nd November 2023 - Saturday, 4th November 2023 - 7:30pm

Tickets: Adults £11.50, Friends £11.00, Children and ES40’s £8.50

A comedic musical drama.

The show is based on Simon Brett’s radio and television sit-com series, ‘After Henry’.

Sarah France’s doctor husband Henry was killed in a car crash, a couple of years before the action begins. Her attempts to deal with widowhood are not helped by the nosiness and demands of her mother Eleanor, who lives in the basement flat in the house, or the emotional traumas and moodiness of her teenage daughter Clare, who’s got the top-floor flat.

Sarah is kept sane by the work she does helping in a bookshop run by her gay friend Russell. He acts as both a sounding-board and emotional support for her.

The story of the musical involves potential romances for all three women. Clare is being messed around by a boy called Greg, but she hasn’t got the confidence to tell him to get lost. Eleanor and her much patronised friend Vera Poling are meanwhile both competitively interested in a charming elderly man called Vernon. And even Sarah’s loneliness is offered a lifeline in the handsome shape of a widower called Chris Wellington. But, is it long enough after Henry for her to allow a new man into her life?

All these emotional complications are untangled in this humorous, and sometimes poignant, inter-generational slice of musical theatre.

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